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New York, Feb 6 / 2016
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Dr. Quiros, came from San Gil, Santander, looking for support. His search brought him to the North Shore University Hospital, where he met Mr. Silvio Gomez and his wife, Maria. The encounter was a fortunate one. Dr. Quiros arrived with some sick children, who received needed surgical treatment. Later, as an act of generosity, silvio and Maria sheltered the children at their home during their post-surgical treatment. The Programa Corazon a Corazon saved its first lives, but the journey was still a long one, for the organization to become a solid and stable one.

The first group of founders started to contact friends and acquaintances to guarantee the survival of this enterprise. First, the called Eduardo and Alice Romero; then, they were joined by Julian and Gladis Barrios; Hector and Angela Cubides among others. Together, they organized events to raise funds that the organization needed.

Once they obtained the needed income, this growing organization invited Dr. Michael Lacorte and Sister Dorothy Ammon, from North Shore Hospital, to go to Colombia. It was fundamental to show them the magnitude of the problem and the enormous collaboration that the hospital was offering. When, Dr. Lacorte and Sister Dorothy confronted the Colombian reality, they were stunned and affected. They returned to the United States eager to work for the cause of the Colombian children with congenital heart disorders.

Thanks to the dedication of these pioneers, united for the purpose of helping the children, it was decided to give a legal status to the organization.

On September 8th, 1986, the Organization elected its first Board of Directors, at the headquaters of “Centro Civico Colombiano”. Its first president was Mr. Victor Suarez. During that time, it was called “Comite Pro Corazon a Corazon”. On the same year, the organization was established legally as a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit organization, with the name of “Comite Corazon a Corazon NY, Inc.”.

Since September 6 of 2001, the Organization changed the name to “Corazon a Corazon NY” and the same time the logotype.

  Picture Gallery

picture gallery

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